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Ei...Uriel here...

I have been truly unfair to this account...

I was also unfair to some of the people here who took the time to review my works and waited for years (literally) for updates yet have never received them. I have wasted their time. And I have only placed myself to shame. I truly and deeply apologize. (you guys know who you are).

These past years for me have been--how do we put it--colorful. i have won and lost; bled and made bleed. I have always struggled to paint fantasy into reality, yet I have always failed. Seemingly,the triumphs I fought to win over were always all short-lived. Ah...the story of my life.

But hell, i no longer need to embark into another wasteful reverie.

i'd like to cut things short for once.:)

My name is Uriel Nezherim, or my pen name was Uriel Nezherim...

But I am now hailed as Patrick Ellison.

I plan to remove some of the stories i have made before and posted here (to my own shame and volition) and try to start afresh. Hopefully, I would be able to work with three stories I will shortly publish after this. And i plan to finish them. I will be more focused this time in my writing.

and most important of all...

I will continue writing whatever happens...

if ever you would have any suggestion, flame, or criticism: feel free put down a review--it is for my improvement anyway--or e-mail me.

If ever you'd like it, then great! If not, I will still thank you for taking the time to read them.

I promise never to disappoint again. And I will try to improve as long as i live... Hahaha...What am i saying...

Now did I really let the words flow... :)


Works in Progress:

...Memoirs From A Demon Journal...

i would want to finish this because i really have fun when writing this story. before, i ran from this tale because of personal reasons, but now i have found the nagging feeling again to finish this. and i know i will this time. Hopefully, online readers would have the time to do so too. ha ha ha! :)

Remnants of the Kattic War

because of my true love for the fantasy genre, i had always tried to create a fantasy tale of might and misery; shame and sorcery; and you get the drift. this my new attempt in creating a satisfying fill of fantasy. (and i hope it would be my last as well.)

The Third (to follow)

Although I'm a bit busy with work. I will still continue to update these two and hopefully finish them both. :)


\m/ Pat signing off \m/

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