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Hm, I'll be updatign stories when I feel like 'll find they are updated quicker when I recieve more reviews... Theygive me motivation.

My new story is up. Please read and review. (comedy/romance)

The Armanx Duet will now be the Armanx Trilogy. Yay! is beign updated more often

My other new (short) story is up. Please review. (fantasy/action/adventure)


Alright, first you all need to know that I am totally INSANE. Lol. I'm (perhaps only in my head and the eyes of some of my psychotic friends) an almost accomplished author. Wow- lot's of A's. Anyhow, I've been working on different kinds of writing for quite a while now. I started with a story about a dragon, but I re-read it a while ago and it SUCKED! Well, maybe not that bad, but I can't really believe I wrote it. After such I started The Quest, which is posted up here. I'm starting up the sequal to that,The Devil's Genesis.Then I got in a romance mood, something that seems to plague many people on this sight. So, due to such, I started Holding the Day, which I just completed. I'm starting up the sequal to it right now... and will write a sequal to that when I am done. Ah, lots of work. UPDATE! Not wriitng the sequal to Holdign the Day. I got halfway through and was all like, no damnit, not working. So, yeah, waste of time, but a learning expierience. Holdign the Day is beign edited by my teacher.

A little more about me- I'm crazy, 14, female, horse-crazy, writing-crazy, reading-crazy, Christian (I truelly excepted the Lord about a year ago. i'm happy to talk to any of you who have done so or wish to do so. I'm always thrilled to help someone step into the light of the Lord), and a big fan of Maeven's work (another author on the site). I like horses, wolves and birds of prey. I enjoy greek mythology. CLASSIC ROCK RULES! 93.1 FM is the best station on the radio (Hollywood, CA). My favorite color is green, I have hazel eyes and am about 5'6. Have brown, sorta wavy hair.I like to read fantasy/romance stories (they don't have to be both those genres). I like to roleplay and there is a whole bunch of other crud, but many people don't even read this so...there's really now need for such, eh? I do like to edit other people's work (that is if it interests me), so feel free to e-mail me and I'll do so to your work in my spare time. I feel so loving and special wink. Enough for now- hope you reveiw my work and hope I hear from a few of you writing lovers!


The Armanx Trilogy:

Book 1- The Quest:

Prologue: finished
History: finished
Total Chapters: 24/29
Part 1: 10/10
Part 2: 11/11
Part 3: 3/8

Rating: PG-13 for a bit of language,some violence, and just random stuff. Rated it high just to play it safe.

(lots of reading with that story, eh? )

Holding the Day


Prologue: Finished
Chapters: 20/20
Epilogue: Finished

Rated: PG-13 for some language, mild relationship stuff, and a few little things.

Sarcasm, Arrogance, and the Pursuit of Revenge


Chapters: 2/6+

Rated: PG-13 for language, crude humor, sexual references, insults (to Californians like me! lol). I don't write R stuff, though if the language gets too bad, I might move it up.

~Note, I may not complete this story, as I'm not really sure where to go with it right now. Just a point. ^^

The Binding

Scenes: 1/7

Rated: PG for some violence,mild romance, death...

The Companionating Trilogy

Book 1- The Joining of Life

Prologue: Finished
Chapters: 1/...?


Thanks you special ppl who have been reviewing my work! Hugs to all of you! Also, feel free to email me whenever to talk about my work (Q/C/S's) or just random chatting. I'm always up for something like that.


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