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Hi there! I got on to this site through fanfiction, of which I'm also a member, but haven't even glanced at in a while.

I'm from New Zealand. For those of you who don't know where that is, probably most of you, it's down below Australia. Ah Australia, I hear you say. Well, we're quite often not even put on the maps so it's not unusual for people to not know where we are. I can't really be bothered writing a long bio, but here are a few very random things about me: I have really long hair, and I mean really long, it's about 165 centimetres long. For those who don't work in metric, let's just say that it touches my ankles ok? I've never cut it, and am constantly being asked all kinds of weird questions about it, like what shampoo I wash with. Will somebody please enlighten me as to how what shampoo I use affects my hair growth?!

I'm an absolute slash addict! For those who don't have the foggiest it means I like stuff where you have boy loves boy relationships going on. If that bothers you, don't bother checking out my favourite stories, they're all slash. My favourite authors have some good poetry though. If you're a rabid fangirl, like me (or fanboy as the case may be) then enjoy definately check out my favourites! I haven't written any slash yet, but when I do you'll know all about it!

Other random stuff: If you're looking for a good, very cute, slashy movie then you HAVE to see Velvet Goldmine! It's absolutely gorgeous! Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the lead, and that man is just too hot for his own good...*coughs* Sorry about that. Incidentally-hot guys- Orlando Bloom. Very, very hot. No question. After saying this wasn't going to be long I've sure gone on for a while...

Anyhow, that's enough about me. I hope you guys like my stuff, and don't forget to R&R!


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