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Hi I'm a longtime reader on fictionpress, and would someday like to finish a story of my own.. but I'm so incredibly lazy and 'busy'. With Syraine Dancer, I have so many ideas an scenes in my head. I know how I want their relationship to develop.. but I'm still quite vague on the ending. And of course.. filling in all the gaps in the middle.

I love stories with a good context, set in olden times with princes and wars.

The MUST reads:

Covet by BKGal-24
medieval/historical war, a boy and girl are destined to be much greater than they know, pretty intense and emotional stuff here

Blackheart by aura-aramante
again medieval, a cold-hearted knight with his captive princess.. what more can i say?

Blazing Blue Eyes by TruLiesOfTheHeart
falling for a gang leader always comes with emotional turmoils and heated arguments...

Just Another Girl by CheDe
you'll want to cry, i read this a long time ago and i still have a lasting impression. i think beautifully sad describes this story.

The Phoenix Arrow by Kimra
a magician king captures an enemy assassin, a medieval war story with a twist of magic

Dark Secrets by Yisa
a vampire and the girl he raised, but unique in that the second half takes place 1000yrs after the start

Seizing the Sky by Bleeding Air
If you wanted something different, this is it. An out-of-this-world futuristic plot.

In the Shadow of My Sister by timpanigirl
A princess and knight on the run. I love the characters in this story, to me they're so real and each have their pasts/insecurities.

Forsaken Identity by kristy23
The Prince doesn't become sweet and loving, he's more real than clique and so is the ending.

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