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Muahahaha... welcome to the twighlight world that is my page...

Hmmm... what to write...

Fave music: Anything on ,Katy Rose,Avril (only the newer songs), Jay-Z, Usher, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Green day, Maroon 5...

Fave food: Risotto

Favourite Authors:James Patterson, Stephen King, and more.

TV Show I can't Live Without: Desperate Houswives, Lost and the Simpsons

Review my story, and I'll review yours!

Big Thankyou to: Kashe-sama (loyal reviewer:I owe you a Johhney Depp photo),Jack Lumber -sama (ditto)(without the Johnney Depp photo), Lykaios (a survivor and I'm on your faveourite author list. Yay!), Meaningless Parasite (yay! I'm on another author list!), Kermushi Caterpillar (authoress of the brilliant 'moshi-moshi, mushimushi!') and finally Sensitiveangel (my first reviewer, whom without i might never have continued 'its not my fault).

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