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Hello all, my name is Marisa Rae. I am a sinner who was saved by the hand of God! My two loves in life are God and if you haven't guessed writing...no duh =)

I'd like to become a writer one day, but, I first have to overcome this certain fear I have about other people reading my compositions. I think its because I'm afraid of someone hating what I write and not telling me. So be brutal. If it sounds horrible PLEASE tell me! lol I won't be mean to you if you're mean to me ;)

As for who I am...or at least what kind of person I am...well, life comes easy, I just let it kinda roll... I HATE DRAMA!! that is my one...(of many) pet-peeves. I love almost any musical genre...(as a side note I don't consider rap a "musical genre".) I just graduated high school...In high school i did debate and loved it! Wore glasses and braces, got good grades, read any and everything I could, oh and homeschooled...yeah I'm pretty much your all around nerd! So thats me in a nutshell...enjoy and review if you please :D

~Marisa Rae

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