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Sarah DeLane PM
Joined Jul '04
Sarah DeLane was the name of one of my imaginary friends when I was little, according to my parents. Anyway, that's why it's my nom de plume. (French! la!)

So, I'm here because I want to become a better writer. I want to write clearly, have people care about my characters, and be able to make readers cry. (Or laugh.)

There's also this one summer program I'm dying to get into... XD

All my works are rather silly, but I'm a little fond of the Rapunzel one...
Subway Fairies is unfinished and not very good. Hopefully someday it will be replaced with something that is harsher, darker, and hopefully better. If you want, you can visit my much-more-hyper alta-ego Quinndolynn at fanfiction.net where she spends too much time reading and writing about impossible happilyeverafters. And remember, reviews are appreciated beyond belief. Constructive criticsm even more so.

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