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Who is Icyglaze?

i.c.y.g.l.a.z.e. .//. female .//. twenty-two .//. recent university graduate .//. Chinese .//. Canada

h.o.b.b.i.e.s. .//. performing magic tricks .//. playing the piano .//. singing .//. graphic designing .//. socializing .//. playing computer games .//. learning different languages

p.e.t. p.e.e.v.e.s. .//. authors who refuse to thoroughly proof read their work .//. inconsiderate people .//. immaturity .//. stupid people who try to act smart

Current Projects:

- A romance fic

- Perspectives is a collection of short stories I have written, trying to look at life from a different angle. Each chapter is a different story. Since I got a lot of questions about whether I'm talking about myself in these stories, allow me to clarify. These stories have absolutely no relation to my life and please don't think too deeply; you don't have to read in between the lines. =) Just remember, do not m ake any conclusions until you read the last line!

Recommended Reads:

Anything from my list of favourite authors. Although my list of favourite stories are all stories I enjoyed reading, the quality of writing isn't that great. However, my list of favourite authors actually show intelligence in their writing. If you do not wish to check out all the authors, I do suggest my two favourites of all time:

1) The Reality of Fairy Tales by Pareathe (Complete with sequel in the works)

2) Queen of Glass by S.J.Maas (Story has been removed from FP, author is in the process of getting QoG published)


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