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Hey you!

Yes, YOU! Stop looking over your shoulder. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out to check out my profile and more to the point, to thank you so very, very much for reading Waiting on the World and the other dregs of unfinished business I have swishing around up here. I am still floored (like legit, you have to peel me off the floorboards) every time I see people reading and reviewing and messaging. You make me squeal like a One Direction fan (it's not pretty, but it comes from a place of love). You inspire me to do better.

You can usually find me wasting time on the internet on:

my tumblr! http:///

And if, from reading my stories, you reckon we have a similar taste in music, you might like my playlists on 8tracks. (And even if you don't, check out the site if you don't know it; it's an endless supply of new music!)


As always, you have oodles and zoodles of my love,

blak pearl.

HANG OUT WITH ME ON SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER 2012 AT 7PM, EST! You'll get to learn a lot of fascinating things about me, like how I over-use the caps lock and exclamation keys.

I'm this month's Project Fondle author on a Drop of Romeo which means I get to chat with you here!

I've missed interacting with the FP world, and would love to chat with you! Hopefully see you there! :) xxx

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