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Glittering Rain, Glittering Shards - runner up in the John Watters Cup of Trafford, 2005

'Glittering Rain, Glittering Shards is a very moving and powerful piece of work, which manages in a few hundred words to move through extreme violence to acceptance and some sort of hope for the future. It captures so well the way in which death can happen so suddenly, almost accidentally, and how a few angry moments can change the lives of everyone around. The writing is tight, almost poetic, with a wonderful economy of words. I love the way the imagery of death is used to describe ... where the murder occurred. Well done! An excellent piece of work! I liked the story. Very dramatic and I thought the end was actually heartwarming - difficult to turn something as ugly as the events you describe into something optimistic. I thought the Nan seemed an extremely likeable and strong person - not to mention the protagonist' Melvin Burgess (3rd May 2005)

‘I could see immediately you have talent, style and an infectious enthusiasm’ Sherry Ashworth (20th April 2005)

'The Red Rose Tales was very good, very atmospheric and scary. My First Crime Goodbye Daddy was a nasty thing - very violent! - but good reading - a real feeling of hatred, which I guess is what it was about. The Snapped Roses was good too - very dramatic...You seem to like exciting stories and reflective poems. Very strong on description' Melvin Burgess (6th September 2004)

THE SMALL CRUCIFIX was published in a poetry anthology called Body and Soul in December 2005.
POLLEN SEEDS was published in the National Poetry Anthology 2006, in January 2006.
and ... A PINK CARNATION was published in Natural Beauty in 2006.

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