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orli'slover PM
Joined Jul '04
Name: Cat
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Fave color: blue and pink
Fave Moive: Troy, Lotr, and potc.
Fave Book: In Death books, The Anitia Blake books, The Forest House, and HP.
Fave Animal: Tiger
Persinaliy: Sweet, tough, loyal, protective, smart, sassy, brave, and romantic.
Location: Sacramento, CA
Extra info: I LOVE Orlando Bloom!!! he is the best!!! he's hot, and a great actor. I know have 31 pictures of him in my room and counting. I am also a proud Vegatarian.

OK so that's some info about me. Check out my work, and let me know what you think. If any of my work speaks to you i am always here for you to e-mail me. All of my work is related to me somehow or something i am or have gone through.

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