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name Samantha
nickname Sam, Your Highness, Eldibe

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bel canto twenty years after World War Three, Romania siezed control of half of the European continent. Ten years later, a girl from Nexus-Italiana, India, discovered Romanian secrets that could destroy the empire they had built. The only thing that stood in her way was a single boy and his friends, who would set off a series of events that could change the world's perspective of Romania forever, including her own.
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next chapter okay, so I'm doing a major overhaul. I took this one down, because
I need to rework everything. Thanks for the reviews, though! I appreciate them. :

alaizabel set during the times of colonial America, a young woman meets a girl by the peculiar name of Alaizabel, who harbors a nasty perspective of England. Once the ship reaches its destination, Alaizabel disappears. The young woman’s diary leads into a story where the obvious path isn’t always the right one, and night cannot break until one has seen light. Very old. I'm not going tocontinue it.

o t h e r i n f o

a highschooler. fifteen years old. likes life in general.
is very afraid of the dark. tries to write, but usually has
writers block.shes sorry about that, by the way. likes to
read and write. can draw, but is way too self-conscious
about drawings to ever really show them off. adores cl-
assical art. listens to all music, including country. tries
to speak french, and fails miserably. thinks it's about ti-
me to update this thing. is fairly preppy, but doesn't con-
sider herself popular. doesn't care. is outgoing and loud.

n o t e s

I will definitely beta for just
about anyone who needs me to

I am always online, and I just
love IMs and emails. Feel fr-
ee to contact me about writi-
ing stuff, or anything else. ya.
I'll read and review a story fo
r you, critique it, whatever. I
got plenty of time to do what
ever. and that's the story of -
my wonderful life.

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