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Why hello thar

African 'Murican

I thoroughly enjoy Asian ball-jointed dolls (ABJD).

Oh, I'm a total yaoi/slash/boylove obsessed fangirl. It's all I read and/or write. I'm sorry het and femslash pairings...I just...I can't unless it's a side pairing!

Some of my stories are really lame and old and ridiculous and I know it. Some of them are nice and I should continue them and or revise them. Some of them have parts or instances that don't seem to coincide with the feel of the story, but they are what they are and I will work on updating more often and editing.

I am not sorry if I offend anyone with my stories, but they are all going to revolve around M/M relationships, so avoid them if you do not enjoy those! I have noticed that there are a lack of realistic interracial couples--especially those concerning African Americans--so I am going to attempt to fill that void. White boyBlack boy for the win! I've been writing a lot of those and they are just gonna keep coming because I can't find it anywhere else, so I've got to write them myself.

Please give my stories a shot and review review review or else I will think I'm terrible and disappear for years before finishing or updating anything. Bla bla bla thanks for reading! XD

Love to you and yo peoples

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