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i'm twenty five years old, have a couple of my poems published (the stain, love?, sleep sweet angel, the chosen ones), I like to write short stories, and essays as well as poetry (though i'm only posting poetry currently) i have some fanfic on fanfiction.net under the same penname

i write as an escape, and as a way of commenting on the world around me, my poetry tends to be my way of healing from hard experiences in my life, some of it is more recent stuff, and a lot is older stuff i've finally had the courage to share, the oldest pieces are from when i was about sixteen, and they go from there in no real order

here are some things that may need clarification as you read

Bad Girl Stuff
there is a lot of stuff on "my bad girls moment" i really have dealt with the repercussions of it, but it's just easy to write about, about the boy, he was my "casual flirt", i was not in love with him he was not in love with me, he told me he wasn't dating anyone at the time, he's married now and i haven't talked to him in about a year, i think that's all you'd need to know

on ones about he middle east on learning, i am talking about the human need for a quest for knowledge, NOT imposing western beliefs, all people need to taught everything they know (you don't just know something, you have to learn it), what i am trying to say is that these people need to learn from their own people about freedom, their religion, not from dictators and governments, just as we in the west had to learn our beliefs from our philosopher peers. hope that makes sense,
i try to get this learning idea across in many of my history pieces too, you cannot know what you've never been taught.

i am very much left leaning in my beliefs, i tend to be a bit of a hippie, and call myself a pacifist anarchist, i read a lot of books on politics, and i am enamored with history. oddly enough when i write about history i have a slight more conservative view of it then when talking about the current state of affairs. i think that may clarify some stuff on that topic

i've been writing quiet a few history peices of late that tend to be date themselves around world war two, the holocaust, the soldiers, as well as just questioning lessons from the past which we are just not learning, they are rather different, i think from my poltical peices because they are not so obviously left leaning, i really think i like them so i'll keep it up

anything about my friend who killed himself is about a young man i knew named jason, he was the bassist for a local band, but i saw him so much i still consider him a friend, he was thirty when he decided to take his life by jumping out his window, these are older pieces, he died in october of 2001, but thank you all the same to anyone who has offered a shoulder to cry on, it is appreciated, if you want someone to talk to i'll listen just email me
anything sounding suicidal is just old teen angst, i don’t feel that way any more

The Breakup
what can i say about those? well it was a dark time in my life having had one of the most meaningful relationships and friendships ripped right out from under me, a lot of it is lamenting, but i do have some i've healed up pieces in the works, they have some artistic merit but they were my therapy more then anything else, thank you to anyone who stuck with me through those cause, yeah

Depression, Darkness, Alone
a lot of that stuff is just old teen angst, that sometimes needs a way out. i was also diagnosed with clinical depression and battled that for well over two years. i have my life much more in order now, but that stuff helped me heal so that’s why it’s here. i tend to only write when i’m down so i might come off as the most unhappy person in the world, i’m not. i’m just cursed with being able to write my emotions well, and i do it a lot. my name might mean “sorrowful one” but there are lots of great times in my life i promise!

i am working on some getting over depression type peices, i'm sorry if they seem repatative but i really like them as a way of showing other people that there is some light. they're still somewhat angsty but tend to have more hope in them

Sappy Love Poems
These are dedicated to my ex, as an bleep you, baby! those are few and far between and trust me dustytiger is NEVER writing love poem dribble again! the angsty or world view stuff i usually write is SO much better anyway!

i really hope you like what i've decided to share, it's taken me a long time let me stuff into the world, but i can accept constructive criticism...

despite the fact i still write up a storm i tend not to post stuff up here as often as i once did, mostly cause i'm slacking off at returning reviews hardcore, and i know karma is gonna come a kick my butt; that and this whole growing up thing adds more and more responsiblites, work, a niece and two nephews i like to spend time with, and just different priorties, eventually i'll get around to posting stuff, thank you to everyone who sticks by me, and pokes me occationally on IM to see if i'm still alive!

hopefully my new stuff is starting to show my growth as both a writer and as a person in general, i feel that it shows that it's about time i stop being angst just for the sake of it! hopefully this time it won't take me a year between posts i have so much stuff collected!

i know how hard it is for me to share my work sometimes, which is why i tend to put "thank you for sharing" at the end of most of my reviews, i do mean it from the bottom of my heart, it takes a lot of courage to share your heart and soul with the world, i know it's a little like a form letter but there's no way of varying the sentiment

if you review my stuff i'll try and review yours ;)
i've been slacking on this of late i promise i will get back into the swing on things

hugz and kissez to anyone who has reviewed and/or liked my work the kind words keep me going

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