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I have to update my profile, but I'll do it later. Right now it's time for bed.

1. AyLi- Really good writer. I highly recommend her stuff.

I actually have a story now that I want to put up, but I don't know what to call it really. And I don't think I have enough of it done, because I want to post a chapter either everyday or every other day. So, I'll try my hardest to get it all in on time.

P.S. Don't mind me if I review you to tell you about spelling mistakes or anything. I try really hard to make things as close to perfect as I can. Since I can't in real life...lol

Favorite quote: "I never knew pigs could fly until I saw my ex on an airplane."

"May your life be like toilet paper; long and useful."

"Envy is Ignorance; Imitation is Suicide."

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