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Name: Ashlee

Gender: Female

Location: McSherrystown, PA

Hobbies: reading, writing, listening to music

Favorite Bands and Artists: A Change of Pace, My Chemical Romance, Panic At the Disco, Papa Roach, The Used, Dope, Green Day, A Static Lullaby, Armor for Sleep, Disturbed, Letter Kills, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Trapt, Linkin Park, Drowning Pool, Evanescence, Garbage, Nickelback, Hoobastank, Sarah McLachlan, Crossfade, A Perfect Circle, Finch, Three Days Grace, and much much more.

My stories mostly have some kind of romance in them. But who doesn't like sappy romance stories.


The Path

I am attempting to write a supernatural story called The Path. It deals with two friends who go on an adventure of a lifetime. They encounter a magical place that as fairies, demons, and other such things.

I'm not sure if i'm ever going to finish this story. I don't really have the motivation for it anymore.

Which is real?

A girl who doesn't know what to believe. Complete.

This was one of my first short stories can probably tell by all the grammar mistakes and such and if you compare it with my writing right now. Be nice and review. Sorry if it's all in one big paragraph. I didn't write it like that, for some reason fictionpress set it up like that.

Commitment Problems

Twenty-five year old Jewel, goes to a ranch hoping to find peace, but instead finds something else-a cowboy. What's a girl to do? Please read & review.

Dangerous Love

CIA agent Mandy Wilson goes undercover, but starts to fall for the attractive and charming badguy. Will she choose business over pleasure?

Crashing Wave

A short story about a girl who deals with her sad life by commiting suicide. Complete.

Past Life Hotel

"Let me get this straight," said Nia. "I am in a coma, in the hospital, but yet I am walking and talking to you..." Nia founds herself in a "hotel" were she thinks she is dead...or is she?


We always ran from the creatures that hunted us, but what happens when I become the hunter?Follow the story about a tiger who is transformed into a human. She has to learn how to act and live like a human being. Will she be able to go back to the way she was or will she decide to stay as a human forever. Read to find out what happens to her!

Life of Magick

Natera Neil thought she had a nice normal life, but she soon finds out that she is really a witch and that soon she is to marry a complete stranger in Scotland.

In Between

"Please open the door," she said softly. "Please." Should he open the door for her? If he didn't, she could die, but if he did... He knew he was going to regret it later on.

Portal to a Different Realm

Stupid Karen! I never wanted to go to the stupid school dance! And I definitely didn't want to be sucked in a portal to a different realm!

You Don't Need Eyes to See

Carol was only in the hospital to visit a friend. She never expected to run into a blind hospital patient that had a bad temper.

Love by the Moon

One night, while Evelyn was walking home, she met a dark, mysterious stranger. From then on, her past catches up to her. Making her decide between who she was and who she loves.

I have about 16 chapters written in my notebook. I just need to find the motivation and patience to type it. I have noticed that my character in this story, Evelyn, and in my other story, Portal to a Different Realm, share the same name. No, they are not the same characters. I just like the name, it's one of my favorites.

Not Always and Forever

Rachael Adamson was a quiet and conservative person. Then she met outgoing, driven Chad. He showed her that there was more to life, hiding the fact that his might end soon.

Au revoir et Bon voyage

It's the 1920's, and Elizabeth Sanders gets mixed up in financial problems. She leaves with a good friend and is heading towards London on a cargo vessel, experiencing the best and worst times she'll ever have.

I'm trying to use the1920's lingo in the story. So, if you don't know a word, just ask.

The Great Plains Adventure

Madeline comes back to the Great Plains. There she sees her family, old friends, and mets new people. When an incident happens, she finds herself with the only two people she can trust and in a land that doesn't want her.

This is my attempt at writing a Western.

I Am Spartacus

Ancient Rome. What's more important to you? Flesh and blood, or a cause you know you're not supposed to be part of. This story is about Alameda, a rich Roman's daughter, and her choices in life. She falls in love with a Greek slave, someone who she is not supposed to. Will she turn her back on her roots? What if something that's a little too close for comfort happens? Love, Betrayal, Rebellions, Bathhouses,and Gladiators.

This is my first attempt at writing a Historical fic. i didn't know if i should have put it in Historical or Romance, so i'll just switch it between the two every once in awhile. I know the story's a little cliche, but who doesn't like a little forbidden love every once in awhile. And no, Spartacus is not in it, sorry. I'm trying to decide if the story takes place before or after him...most likely after him.

Sorry if my stories suck (i try not to let them)! They will probably have a lot of type-o's and other problems in it.

Goal:I should finish one story before i should start another. Yeah, like that would ever happen... lol.

To all the readers and reviewers: I am so sorry that i have not updated any of my stories for a really long time. I will try to do it sooner-promise.

Please read & reveiw my stories.
I have a question. Does anyone actually read these?

Quote of the Day: When a free man dies, he loses the pleasure of life. A slave loses his pain. Death is the only freedom a slave knows. That's why he's not afraid of it. That's why we'll win. -Spartacus

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