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story info:
hey! ive been posting on fictionpress.com for a few months now... and posted several of my stories which im constintly taking off to change, currently editting the hedgewitch... i took it off... its just too happy which is really annoying... must think out plot more...

about moi:
age: old enough
life now:ifish...kinda boring...
current story: 'The Hedgewitch'
hobbies: writing, reading, drawing, and creating webbies for no good reason watsoever!
goal in life: to win an award for sumthin i've written or
blue, green, purple, black, silver (and various shades under those catagories)
food: almost anything foriegn and almost any dish cooked with potatoes :D
story i've written: possibly 'Samantha's Nose Problem' but 'the Hedgewitch' is turning out pretty good ;D

friends on this site:

see my fav fictionpress authors and stories, they're really good :D

plez review... i like honesty so plez don't hesitate to be brutal... but seriously I NEED SOME REVIEWS!!! PLEZ IF U READ MY STORY REVIEW IT... JUST SAY 'hey ur story was bad' or 'hey ur story was good' i just want to know if ppl are reading my stories, thank u!

peace oUT

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