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Miss Lilian PM
Joined Jul '04

age: 18
hair: red
eyes: green
gender: female

This is the first time I've updated this profile in about 5 year. I took a small hiatus from the site for a while, but I'm back (from outer space). I'm currently a broke college kid. I have a major in theater. I know the difference between their, they're and there, along with you're and your. I believe that all questions should be asked. It's better to ask and look stupid for a moment than to never know the answer. I'm an artist. I mainly work with photography, but I have several paintings that I've finished as well. I believe that all written works have an audience. The more educated the audience, the shorter the list of palatable literature. I believe that Twilight has disgraced both the literary world and the film world. I have a private library. I scrapbook like a fiend.

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