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"Let us hob and nob with Death."


Personal Info

Age: 18

Marital Status: shrugs Single, but so what. Natasha Bedingfield has got it down right and I'm in agreement with her. smirk

Looks: Dyed brown hair, grey eyes, light tan complexion, athletic, about 5'7ish

Since I obviously have not been updating my stories, I believe that I should explain why. Mostly its because I quickly grow bored with such things and/or my imagination for the stories die very quickly. Like an old car engine, I sputter out something every now and then, but mostly I just sit in the driveway looking ugly and being a general pain the in ass.

I've definately changed over this past year and have come back to with a darker, more cynical view of the world that surrounds me. You could say that I have gotten more realistic or you could say I've opened up my eyes to the horrors life can bring. Its possible to say you can assume that I have done both and be done with it.

Likes: music (from rock to opera and everything in between. except for polka.), supernatural books, the colour black (like its not obvious), my independance, my job (thank god for promotions), chocolate, Jared Padalecki, Pirates of the Carribean (Will Turner as a full out pirate = me imitating puddle on floor), Hells Kitchen (donkeys!), spoofs, sarcasm, boys who aren't afraid of me (honestly, I'm not that scary), and all nighters with fruit coolers or baileys.

Dislikes: Superficial upstarts, painkillers that take years to work, the colour pink, sunburns, people who are a little too friendly (if you catch my meaning), people who think single-ness is a disease, socks and sandals, ex-boyfriends, snail mail, corduroy pillows (wth?), taking Vin Diesal out of the second XXX movie (for those of you who haven't seen triple x, its not the movies rating. shakes head some people.), and cheap vanilla ice cream.


Currently I only have two stories up on this penname, Dream On Rayne and The Heart of England. Read the summaries and you might get an idea what it might be about.

Dream on Rayne.

Chapters done: 10, not including Epilogue.

Current status: Story is officially finished.

Personal Opinion: In all honesty, if you like fluffy romance stories, you'll probably like this one. It was one of my first ones and I started writing it when I was 13. Got the inspiration for it when I was in Florida and some of the incidents in the story actually happened to me. I seem to do that alot, model my stories after real life events that happen to poor lil old me.

The Heart of England

Chapters done: 11

Status of 12th chapter: zip zero nada nothing. that give u an idea? hehe. chapter 12 hasn't begun forming in the dark crevices of my overworked brain yet, but hopefully it'll be out sometime this month.

Personal Opinion: Its messed. Even I, the writer, have a very small idea of where this story is going. One thing about me is that I'm a very honest person and don't tend to mince words, so I will be honest with all of you: It won't be finished before the summer, and thats only if I decide to finish it at all. In fact, as of...whenever, its on hiatus. Read it if you want, but you'll have to imagine the ending.

I also have some poetry posted up on this penname. Some are dedications, but most are just musings and the troubled thoughts of a slightly depressed girl. Feel free to review and have a good day.

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