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Just to let u all know, I went through some serious personality changes in between the time that I wrote my first 2 poems, and the time that I wrote my figure skating poem and my story, so I like to pretend that my first 2 poems were written by a completely different person but I'm too lazy to take them off... and it makes me feel better knowing I have more than 2 things on this site.

hmmm... about me...

Someday I will move to england so I can listen to awesome music all the time... all you U.K. folks out there... you are extremely lucky! busted, son of dork, keane, coldplay, mcfly... man... such great music!

I was just thinking about it... How many teen books are actually published with the popular jock/bad boy falling in love with the one girl he can't get - the quiet nerd/stubborn or loud not-so-popular girl? There are a lot of stories like that written and posted here, but I can't really think of any books... Someone please write a really good one and publish it so I can buy it and I will be one of the first in line!

Boarding School In England! How Original!:

1/09 Have ending maybe planned out, but having problems because this story is turning into stories that i hate (when events in the story seem like they should be happening to someone much older than main character. Readers can't connect to unrealistic situations in a realistic story).

12/08 Chapter 15 up

12/07 No longer on hiatus, but I'm really struggling with getting it done since this school year is crazy busy and it feels like i have no time to do homework let alone write. Plus I actually have a social life for once.

4/07 Im struggling with my plot... I had it planned out but it keeps changing... man, this whole story writing thing really does consume you... I'm up late every night trying to get the next chapter done... and I just spent like 40 bucks on british books to help me with my slang... but I'm really excited about it!

Oh, and I guess I should let everyone know that happens to read my story... It is really cheesy and the fight scenes are dumb but they are my fav. part to write... I guess cuz I like to get angry and yell at people... And once I'm done with the story, I'm gonna go back and revise it so it's not so crazy and awkward...


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