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Some of you who knew me as BlackCat Hanyou might be wondering why I changed my name. I have decided that I needed a more grown-up name. I’m turning seventeen in a week and a day, it’s time that I knuckled down and got serious with my writing.

I write fanfiction and free-form 'crap' to help me improve the skills that I will need in the real world. I know that in a little over a year’s time I’m going to have to prove my worth as a real writer. In order to do that, I have to have a stunning, spectacular and downright immaculate style.

To be honest I’m terrified.

Lately I've been receiving more opposition than I have acceptance around here. It hurts my feelings, I won’t deny that, however I wish to assert the fact that although some individuals feel that I am not worth the ink I use, I still believe in myself. And I hope that some of you, my small but nonetheless beloved group of fans do as well. I need criticism, yes but not flames.

In case you're wondering why I take so long to actually post the stuff I've written; It's actually because I write everything by hand first before posting it now in order to make sure it's better edited, even after I type stuff I try to give it at least a cursory once-over before posting. As I have no beta so I have to do most--if not all of my editing myself.

What's going on right now in my literary world?

StarChaser: a spacer's tale is officialy dead. I may eventualy post the re-write The StarChaser Syndrome if I get around to it.

I'm trying my ass off when it comes to Catastrophe Bird but I'm trying to keep that off the net as much as possible, seeing as my very life depends almost entirely on the series.

I might post some more poetry if anyone wants me to...

And if there's any interest in the Saeliv and Daetrin stories...maybe...

To the reviewers, I love you all and thank you for your support. I'm not a major figure here so I still, like a young child learning to walk or talk, need all the encouragement I can get. Thank you all.

If you're new to my stuff I hope you like it and continue you to enjoy it.

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