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"Writing is the purest form of self-expression." ~Me

Heylo there! -Waves- I'm Musical Tearz, or you can just call me Debz...whichever you like. I'm 16 years old and I've been writing all my life and am currently working on a strong novel which is called "Kimberly" at the moment. (A few chapters can be seen here, so please read and review!)


Favourite Books

A Clockwork Orange, Strange Behaviour, Discworld (the entire series), Watership Down, Trainspotting, Harry Potter, White Fang and anything written by the talented Stephen King.

Favourite Bands

(I love music it's the first thing-besides writing that's ever obsessed me)

Bright Eyes, Blink 182, The Killers, Razorlight, Green Day (Bows down to GD), The Jam, Madness, Savage Garden, Mest, New Found Glory, Trapt, Yellowcard, Kim Wilde, Blondie, Kate Bush 0_o, Maroon 5, The Offspring, Dashboard Confessional, The Early November, Matchbook Romance, Autumn to Ashes, Funeral for a Friend, The Undertones, All American Rejects, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, Copeland, Story of the Year, Acceptance, Fall Out Boy, Finch, Hawthorne Heights, Oasis, Taking Back Sunday, Mae and way too many more to list...

I *Heart*

The colours black, pink and green, writing, poetry, performing, acting wierd, dressing up, Halloween, over-sized teddy bears that cost too much, vampires, monkeys, slippers, boys who wear pink, emo-boys, pretty boys with pretty hair, black nail varnish, stars, biting, msn, parties, chewing on the end of pens and pencils, drawing on erasers, sleep, my Conor Oberst poster, my bed, bananas, men's boxer shorts, New Rock boots, Jack Skellington, black velvet, velcro, lip piercings, chocolate, staying up all night and turning into an owl, belts, buckles and chains, stripy school ties, handcuffs, jeans that are too big, domination, nerds (heehee!), Timberland boots, Converse!, the taste of toothpaste, mittens, goldfish, music and bracelets

I Don't *Heart*

HTML cos it hates me, high heels, orange, jelously, trench coats, sheep, guys with nasty hair, socks, marmalade, rain, wind, hamsters, people who take life too seriously, films with crappy endings, feet, smudged mascara, onions, hay fever, flu, acne, tomatoes, jeans that are too small, swimming, extremely hot weather, being asked too many questions, deprivation of chocolate, when msn breaks, when my nails break, when my computer breaks, when anything breaks! Having loads of people trying to talk to me at once, being woken up in the middle of a good dream, Writers Block, school uniforms, spiders, ants, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, wasps, bees, cockroaches...basically any creepy crawlies except for ladybirds and butterflies...'cos they're purdy!


All my writing is in dedication of Tez, Sam, Luke, Danny, Sid, Grace and Matt.

Love You Guys


Please take a nice little visit to Cookie Balfour, she writes some exceptional poetry and is a very good friend of mine. -Hugglez C.B-

And also don't forget to give Portentous a call, her words are simply magical.
-Snugs Ellis-


And thankyou to everybody that stops by to review my work, I appreciate it deeply. Getting a review really brightens up my day because I can see that I'm actually communicating with people. So go on, review my work and make me smile!

Long Live Creativity!


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