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teenager, living down under, who likes to eat and sleep and write, when she has the inspiration, the motivation and the time. she loves reading the cliche teen-romance stuff, as youll see if you click on her favourite stories. but can she write them? well thats a different story, due to her lack of development in that area, and her writing skills though dont say that to her face.

she also enjoys talking about herself in third person immensely.

used to go under the name 'penami' but this has since changed, due to sudden urges.


one ring - status: finished! (one shot) about: a ring, and the temptation it brings. no it has nothing to do with LOTR! its pretty short.

cut- status: finished! (one shot) about: agirl, and with one cut shes falling... again. DEALSWITHSELF MUTILATION.

things she'll never say (tsns) - status: four chapters up! but currently on hiatus, and im not sure if i will update this. about: its written in letter form, from a girl to her best friend whos a guy. she chronicles how she feels, especially when school starts and theres a new girl who threatens their relationship and she starts feeling a little... weird.

untitled as of yet - status: one chapter up! (22/2/06) but dont know if i will continue it due to not really knowing where its going. about: written in three perspectives. jonny is the new guy from england at an australian school. izzy is an eccentric girl who doesnt qute fit in with her friends and janey is a popular girl who is frustrated with the group of friends she has. theyre all searching for one thing, so what happens when they find it in...each other?

my name is sappho - status: finished (one shot). about: the poet sappho, as she reflects on her life and her loves. itsa historical thing... contains homosexuality for people who arent comfortable with that. i wrote it for an english extension assignment.

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