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Hello All

Here are some facts about me.

Name: Amy

Age: 16

Location: Michigan(the state in the USA, that has the worst weather ever!!)

Gender: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue/Green

Likes: Oh where to start, Boys, Yaoi(yummy), Books I love to read, Anime, Anything to do with Japan, Dancing, Wirting(but I dought I will be posting much up here), And last but certinly not lest I love History.

Dislikes: People agest gays and lisbeains, Stupidy, Igronant people, Gorege W. Bush, My Goverments teacher because she doesn't know how to teach wroth crap. And the list goese on and on.

Bad Things About Me: I can't spell if my life depened on it. I am very stubbern. I have a bad temper to go with my red hair.There are problely many other things but sence I don't have my best friend here to oh so nicely point them out I can't tell you them.

Good Things About Me: I am not stupid, I have a wonderful sence of humer, and scarsim is one of the largest point of my personality. I am very perverted(I don't know if that is a good thing but it goes along with my sence of humer in a way). I am a good conversationlist, I am good in school( I am weird I like to learn things. And even with all my geekieness I still have a ton of friends in and out side of school that love me for who I am!(I have wonder about them, who in there right mind would like to spend time with a major bossy geek like me, God only knows.

Favoirt Books and Aruthers: Harry Potter, Sweep, The Dark-Huner Seirse and all other books writen by Sheerilyn Kenyon, Anita Blake Vampier Huner by Laurell K. Hamilton, Marianne Curly books suchs as The Named and The Dark, Tuesdays With Morrie(very touching book everyone should read it), And many, many others that I will someday put down.

Favoirt Anime: Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed(my all time favoirt at the moment), Fushigi Yugi, Blue Seed, Wolves Rain, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rorouni Kenshin, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Trigun, Witch Hunter Robin, Zoids: Chaotic Century(one of the frist I have ever watched) Spirted Away, Princess Mononokoe, GTO, Orphen, Pertear, Vampire Princess Miyu, and much, much more.

Favoirt Manga: FAKE, Marmalde Boy, Kill Me Kiss Me, Mars, Gravataion, Erie Queerie, Kare Frist Love, and Last but not lest, Sensual Phrase, I would have more but becasue manga is so damn exspsive I don't get it much.

Favoirt Music: I love all genras of music, but I don't like that much of Hip Hop or Rap. I love Rock, and bands like Three Days Grace, Smile Empty Soul, Crossfade, Slipnote, Likin Park, and so on. I also lision to alot of Japanese Rock and Pop, my favoirt singer of all music would have to be Gackt, he is hot sexy, and has the most wonderful voice. Did I mensiton that he was really hot? I also like L'Arc~en~Ciel, Dir en Grey, BoA, Utada Hikour, Do as Infinity, T.M. Revolution, and many more.

Favoirt Movies: Moon Child a Japanese movie with my fav singer Gackt in it, The Last Samurai, Returner(another good Japansese movie), Phantom Of The Opera, Alexander, S.W.A.T., XxX(with Vin Desal),Cradal Two The Grave, Romeo Must Die, The One( I like Jet Li), Rush Hour 1 and 2, and many other Action and comdy movies.

Well that is that for now, I think you all know a bit(or more then you watned to know) about me. Email me, IM me, talk to me, I love to talk to people and to aruge with them, one of the reasons why I am in the debate club at school.

Yahoo: swordgirl_amy

MSN: swordgirl_amy@

I uslually am on my Yahoo most of the time, I find it the better of the two.

Oh yeah before you go or anything to forget to check out the stories I have under my Favoirts for the web site, they are awsome.

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