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Riley Blair
Joined Aug '04
Hi everyone! :o)

My name is Amanda (Gillian Leigh from fanfiction.net in case you've read any of my stuff there) and now I'm testing the waters at fictionpress! For those of you wondering why my pen names differ on each site, allow me to explain. (Those of you who could not care less, I advise you to stop reading now and go on with your lives.)
The account here that is under the pen name "Gillian Leigh" was a crossover from my account, which apparently was and automatic transfer when the site separated from fanfiction.net, but it won't work as an active account, because it has an email address listed that no longer exists. So now I have two accounts, one that I can do nothing with, and one that I can. Such is my dilemma.

Anywho, that's why I'll be posting my original fiction under this name, and my fan fiction under "Gillian Leigh".

Look for "Sophie's Stars" my first (posted) original fic, coming soon!*

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