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~Name: Leah, but I like 'Lae' better. It works like this you see: Leah in pig latin -- Eah-lay. Change spelling of 'lay' -- Eah-lae. Take of the first part-- lae. Capitalize --Lae! Thats how I get from Leah to Lae!

~Age: Yeah! I'm 14 9th grade

~I have blondish hair and blueish green eyes. I am 5'3"ish and weigh 112ish pounds. everything is 'ish' because I'm not quite sure,

~I love to write, but I'm not very fast at it (as you can probably tell). However, If you like my writing, please review! It will make me write faster! I also like to read, and act. I love to act! I act Shakespeare, but please don't let that be a turn off. I'll act anything really. Because I love to act. I like hanging out with my friends too, and going shopping!

~As I said before, please, please, please read my stories! Please review them too! If you review them, there is a very high possibility that I will read and review yours! Reviews keep me encouraged on what to write, and help me be better at writing. I dont mind constructive critisism either. Just, please, dont be mean. I dont have very high self esteem.

~If, for any reason, you would like to contact me, please use the email address coldsilverblades@ and if you would like to IM me, my AIM is DarkMistressLae. Lae means dark, Leah means mistress, and then Lae... well I trust you can figure that part out!


ps. all my writing is heart felt. the literal message that you see on the surface may not be what i feel, but whne i write, i feel. get it?

pps. i'll try to have fridays be my weekly poem adding day and sundays be to add story chapters. some might get posted in between, but for the most part... so, keep on checking and reviewing! they mean a lot to me!

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