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If you seriously want to become a better writer and need critics to help you, just ask and I'll happily read your story and leave you a review. Or, if you just happen to be a review whore, just ask and I'll happily read your story and leave a review. ;) (We're all review whores, really, on the inside, don't you think?)

Updated July 23, 06. (heh, it's Sasuke's birthday today. xD)

Blehh. Whenever I come back and read my poems, I shudder in embarrassment. Dx (THE CLICHE! IT BURNS! gahh. T.T)

I wrote them a long time ago when I was seriously feeling depressed. Despite how embarrasing I feel they are, I won't remove them. That way, if I ever write another poem/fic/the like, I have my old works I can compare it to and see my improvement (or lack of. xD).

But hey, I'm happy if you happen to like them anyway. :)

A bio, hmm? Fine, a little about myself in general...

Teenage female from the U.S., loves anything from poetry to fanfiction that is well-written, is a caffeine-addict, an insomniac, loves pretty much all anime/manga that you can name, is a wannabe Akatsuki member X3, a wannabe-artist, is in love with several bishies, is too hyper for my own good at times.

Can also be very emo on the days I missed my morning Java. Though I'm usually a happy-type of person. (not that you can tell by my writing, now, can you. -.-) No, I'm not bipolar. Well.. at least I don't think so.

Yeah, that's about it. :)

ta ta for now.

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