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Please note. Paw Prints in the Snow, by story, is hereby on hold until I stop being bored of it and start writing. I may be starting a new one as a sort of remedy, but fear not, ppits is going nowhere. Adios.

My new account: Please take a look.


Well, where to start off

ok, I’m basically a secondary school student and my name is Georgia, i'm 14 and i am currently somewhere in England.

Things I Like To Do:
I love to chat with my friends (well, I love to talk to myself, whilst friends just sit quietly, hoping the torture will all just disappear and they can get on with their happy little lives without my added torment) , play hockey, write (couldn't have guessed that tiny detail now could we?).

Misc. About Me:
I’m a little odd,so I’m told. Weird. Strange. Your words do NOTHING!

My View On Life:
Life's too short to mess around with strange math puzzles.

Favorite Quote:
Don’t lie, the government hates competition
Ready, Fire, Aim- Spike Milliagan

Favorite Animal:
Favorite Dog: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Favorite Television Programs:
Waking the Dead, CSI, Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Favorite Films


Uh- The muppets Treasure Island... Apparently, if i bring this to school, my head will be momentarily detached from my neck. i get the picture.

Pirates of the Carribean (spelling?!)

The Matrix,

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,

Rose Red

Basically, anything that makes me laugh.

Also, my friend fred is having trouble getting reviews and actuallygetting to her account (she's sitting next to me right now)
please type in the link below and go 2 her account, abandon be and go to her account. she had entertaining poems.



A Personal Note:

Paw Prints in the Snow is the one to review. Screw the poems and review that one. i want to know what everyone thinks.


Paw Prints in the Snow: The ONE to review, don't bother with the poems, how DO people get hundreds of reviews??!!

i said i would put the summary here, so, i guess you've reached it:

Kayle Bowren is 20, believes the world is hers for the taking, and, on top of that, is a werewolf. Getting followed around by...something else, itisn't exactly part of her list of things to sort out. But, it's still there.

This story takes place in a large, bustling city, full to the brim with oddities of every kind, along with the huge population of lower class.

This city is the capital, the main meeting point for the King himself... so why isn't it a little richer?

Hanging High: A poem i wrote in a Latin class.

Random Limerics: Writing Limerics when supposed to be writing sonnets- the first sign of madness?

Fragile Minds: Again, written in Latin lesson, slight pattern coming up here...

Favorite Authors:
Philip Pullman
JK Rowling
Lee Weatherly
Mark Haddon
Jack London
Tamora Pierce
Terry Pratchett

"Hellos and Greetings to All I know and Beyond

I’d just like to take advantage of this HUGE bio space, by mentioning a few of my mates!

Gee, Izzy, Fred, Lewis and Floyd.

Go now and Review.


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