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You may call me Pi if you feel the need to refer to me by name at some point. Yes, Pi like the number. I have a moderate sized list of likes and dislikes for you which is used on many other websites. If it looks familiar, you've probably seen it posted elsewhere.

Likes: My nose piercing, green tea, bottled water, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, food, sleep, figure skating, swimming, reading, writing, roleplaying, The Lord Of The Rings, music, movies, tv, showers, instant messengers, alphageties, frozen pizza, anything made of potatoes, Cheerios, nachos and salsa, dal and rice, movies, romance, oral hygiene, cocoa butter, rain, thunderstorms, winter, lip chap, night, fanfictions, forums, gossip, the list goes on.

Dislikes: High school, ignorance, stupidity, racism, sexism, religion, other forms of discrimination, meat, sun, heat, improper spelling and grammar, people who are too stubborn to see the other side of the spectrum, constant liars, fakes, moisturizer that doesnt work, zits, bad food, teachers who chose to give me bad grades, laundry, poorly written books/fanfics/roleplays et cetera, people who hide behind the internet, people in general and many, many other things.

All my work is copyright, do not steal my work or use it in any way, partially or fully, without my permission.

If you would like to read some of my work, please click on the link to my homepage above, or visit my fanfiction account at http://www.fanfiction.net/~ensorcell

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