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14JUL12: Yeah, my account is pretty inactive. Don't expect any of these stories to ever be updated again. I MAY come back to story writing one day, but probably not for a while. I took a screenwriting class in college and found that I enjoy writing in that format much more, though my audience is much smaller. Who knows though, I still have a few ideas floating around.

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The Predators: In the future, mankind's most terrifying enemy, isn't man at all. Now, the soldiers of the U.S.R. must unite to combat a menace that threatens all of humankind. I know there are a lot of errors grammar-wise, just give me reviews on content, not syntax please. I pretty much accept that this story isn't that good. Give me a break, I was like a sophomore in high school when I wrote it.

-Thunderstrike: The Alliance: Following an attack on a summer camp, the misunderstood must unite to defeat the largest threat the nation has ever known. It's a superhero story. I honestly couldn't believe how popular this story was. After The Predators, which gave me very mixed reviews, I basically expected the same with Thunderstrike. Turns out, it was way more appealing than I ever thought possible. I wrote it with a comic book mentality, and I guess (maybe?) that's what people liked about it. Still, I reread it recently and I realize there are a lot of syntax errors with it. Hope you guys at least like the story. I think I was a junior or senior in high school when I finished this story. For your reference, that was about 5/6 years ago.

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