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Call me Middie~

I can only assume that you're here to learn a little about me, so let's talk about:

Me As A Person: Interests? I have a few: reading, music, writing, horror, computers, animals, emails, friends, compliments, wolves, bromance, shonen-ai, yaoi, shoujo-ai, yuri, internet, manners, drawing, coloring, anime, manga, attention, zombies, video games, television, etc.

Outside of fictionpress, I'm a twenty year old girl from Georgia, USA. Yes, born and bred in the south. I wish I knew what snow was like. But anyway, right now I attend college full time which is less interesting than it sounds. I hope to maybe major in Psychology. Nope, not English and I don't aspire to be a writer. Imagine that. What area or what exactly I'm going to do with Psychology, I don't know yet. I get asked a lot and I really haven't decided. I'm still trying to figure out what I want my life to be. I have so many interests that it's hard to tell if I'll be content setting down roots in this area. But, to my credit, I do enjoy the human mind and also being involved in people's lives. I like being the person people can unload on. That's what she said... yeah, I went there.

Moving on, though. I'm overall very friendly (I love PMs!), open-minded and understanding. But if you talk to me long enough you may come to find that I'm also prone to rants and general frustration with a lot of stuff. Sometimes I can be selfish, brutally honest and materialistic. I have a side to me that's unflinchingly stubborn, self-righteous, and maybe even a little manipulative. Other than that, I love a good sense of humor. If you've got that then we should get along fine.

Me As A Writer: I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I've been writing and posting for fandoms since 2006, not all that long ago. But I've been writing originals since I was 12.

I wish I could be that dedicated girl who wastes valuable amounts of time on her laptop clacking away in a Word document with reckless abandon and passion. That might have been me in the past but not so much these days. The pressure to be good has really gotten to me, and it's slowed me down. Don't get me wrong; I'm NEVER short on ideas. I have a million ideas and I can plan and build on them almost flawlessly. The problem surfaces when it's time to actually start; I'm very stubborn when it comes to writing. It's hard for me to start and stay committed to anything. Why is this? Well, the only excuse I have is my tendency to put too much pressure on myself until I wander off and procrastinate. And then I procrastinate so long that I pick up an old fandom/idea (or a new interest) and skip away with it, abandoning the one I was in previously for another, say, four months. Sad.

Me As A Reader: Yes, I love to read. I read all sorts of things. Kind of.

I can be pretty selective about my reading material. It wasn't always this way but overtime I've sort of shaped my own standards, maybe become a bit too picky, and I live by those standards today. It's gotten to the point where I don't even read that much anymore because finding the right specifications has gotten too exhausting. I can't and won't just read anything voluntarily unless, of course, it's a rare thing - like a rare pairing and the pickings are slim. Despite saying this! I wouldn't e-punch a friend for suggesting that I read something I normally wouldn't go for. I would not meet you with resistance; I may only refuse if it's a pairing I really have no interest in at all. This is all under the pretense of reading for enjoyment, however. As a beta reader, I keep a very open-mind.

So what makes a good story to me? That's a tough one and depends on the fandom or the author. I've known talented authors to flesh out an idea I never once considered or probably wouldn't bother reading had it been someone else. Anything can be good with the right author, I'm convinced. And different interests apply for different fandoms or different ideas, of course. You can't really generalize when fandoms and original fiction are about as diverse as an individual. But I seriously love M/M (boy's love, yaoi, shounen-ai, slash, whatever you prefer to call it). That's usually my basic premise. If you've got that, then you have my attention.

Updates: 01/07/11

- So we're in the new year, finally! I decided to come back here and sort of revise things. I've never really put this place to much use, and that's always been a shame. I spend more time on my FFN account. Then again, I use the term "more time" very loosely since... it's not much more. I'm equally uncommitted to both domains. XD Only because I haven't been very inspired to write stories lately. I kind of miss the joy but you just can't force it. Maybe someday, though!

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