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July 21, 2011: Hi? I don't know if anyone still checks this. I doubt it, but you never know! I wrote a story once upon a time called Bitter Girls. Then, for a while, I was working on a story called The Rub, which I ultimately became very dissatisfied with. Unfortunately it sat for so long on the back burner that I just had to stick it in the freezer. Basically, it's not "dead" so much as I don't really spend a lot of time thinking about anymore. Sad! I know. I want to do a revamp of it, but I don't know when/if that will ever happen.

Most of my time these days, creatively speaking, is spent on Intense Feelings. Check it out if you please (and leave a comment if you like what you see). I am, however, hoping to start writing novel-type fiction again, maybe, if I can find the time, at some point in the near future. No promises (NONE), but I've started watching Rookie Blue which has made me miss the insanity of Elizabeth and Dane, so perhaps it will be their story I revisit. Who knows? In the meantime, check out Intense Feelings if you want to read what I'm writing nowadays :)

About dragonfly3007:
Smart and sassy, Sarah spends most of her time thinking about writing stories. On the rare occasion, one or two of them get scratched out on a piece of paper. On an even rarer occasion, she lets other people read them. She aspires to be rich and self-sufficient. She is currently neither of those things.

Please review so that I don't have to kill myself :D !

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