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11/09/07 Why do I always assume things will go as I planned them? Well! China is over now, and I am embarking on the final half of my trip in Japan. It seems that in the country where I am more advanced with the language, I get even less free time! Welcome to Arenthia is floating around in the back of my mind demanding me to continue, and I eagerly await the weekend where I'll have time to do just that. Thanks for being patient...:)

09/23/07 It's...been a long time. Ok. I started Chapter 12. Finally. I really wanted to get it written this weekend, but we ended up going to the culture park and the business district, followed by a Chinese-Mexican restaurant. I've been dying to write it, so I will definitely get it out as planned. Hah. I think I mainly write here to remind myself of that. :)


Initials: M. E. --(definitely explains my occasional assumption that the world revolves around me...)
Gender: Female
Age: 19

Website: Sorry if anyone actually tried that link...I found out only when I got to China that that site had been blocked by the Chinese government for reasons I cannot truly comprehend.

My favorite stuff!

Quote: "Who told you that demons like to stare at people's knees?" --Sister

Book Series: torn between The Sword of Truth, and the Wheel of Time

Books: Temple of the Winds, Faith of the Fallen, and The Eye of the World (you may start noticing a pattern here.)

Birds: Raptors and Seagulls

Bird: Red-Shouldered Hawk (pair used to nest outside my window)

Cats: Manx, preferably black and chubby

Cat: Mine. (Teddybear)

Musical: Phantom of the Opera (amazing--and proud to have adored it years before the movie. 'shudder')

Music: Classical and 80s "I just died in your arms tonight!"

Musical Instrument: Cello, even though I play violin (I am unfaithful) :)

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Count of Monte Cristo (REALLY want to read the book) Oh, and the live-action Peter Pan movie! It was lovably well-made.

Uh, yeah... that's enough of that.

No more hates. I'm tired of looking at all the negatives...

Sorry about the rambling, and that just about raps it up for my Profile Page. Please review my story(ies). Thanks! (if you got this far...)

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