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Agent Q
Joined Aug '04
I guess I can say a bit about myself here... As if there's anything interesting.
I live in a place that wouldn't show up on a map. Here, I like to eat pizza. In fact, there's a Pizza Hut that's a 15 minutes' walk away.
Right. So anyway, onto an actual description. I'm 5'8", weigh 166 lbs(I know what you might be thinking. You're thinking, 'Damn, he eats a lot of pizza!' But no. I'm actually quite lean and muscular... um, not bodybuilder muscular, but just... lean muscular... Wow, you're still reading this? I didn't know my pathetic description of my eating habits was that interesting.) Anyway, I have short and spikey(not too spikey! Don't think Dragon Ball Z spikey, or Cloud spikey!) black hair. My eyes are usually dark brown and they're shaped like a fox's eyes(you know, they're like sort of slanted, but they're more squarish and narrow.) Oh, sometimes I get spasms when I see squirrels(they are evil!!!!)
Right. There's my couple of lines of craziness. I bet you learned less about me than you could have by just hearing my name. Oh well. Avic claris.
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