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Name: HorseChild, HC, Wings

Gender: Female

Location: U.S.

Likes: horses, writing, reading, animals, outdoors


Betrayed: A short story. The Inti tribe and the Yven tribe have made a Sacred Covenant over the Inti princess, Maya. But then the Intis break the Covenant, and the Yvens are betrayed, in more than one way.

The Sky Above: Emma Sheldon's Oregon Trail Diary: COMPLETED The diary of a brave twenty-year-old woman who is traveling along the Oregon Trail with her twin, her younger brother and sister, and the youngest sister she raised from birth. Around every bend in the long and twisting Trail, danger awaits. But can she find happiness as well? (original title: Emma's Oregon Trail Diary) Note: parts of this story were taken from the game, but I have added in the story line.

Hesitating: Another short story. A decision, a button, and thousands of lives at stake.

The Age of Humans: a short story, the story of a young one fleeing from a predator impossible to escape from.

Hunting: a short story, the story of a fleeing slave, written from the point of view of a slavecatcher.


Sky Horse: Two mythical horses do battle. I wrote this when I was 12.

Those Eyes: Kind of a love poem

Memories: a poem about an old woman as she thinks about how her life has been

Torn: a personal poem about the thoughts of a girl's tormented mind about her relationship with her boyfriend

Quotes to Live By:

"There's a difference between age and maturity."-my friend Kristen

"Not all who wander are lost."-J.R.R. Tolkien

"Hope is a waking dream."-Aristotle

"Nature does nothing uselessly."-also Aristotle

Stories/Authors I Recommend:

If you like horses and are looking for a good laugh, read "8 Steps to Becoming a Proffesional School Horse."


If you read my stories, thanks, and it would be nice if you would review so that I can know what to work on.

If you review one of my stories, I will try to review one/all of your's. I review all of the stories that I read (whether they're good reviews or not depends on the story/poem).

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