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Yeah.. I thought I'd write something here... So what should I say?

I'm just a crazy wannabe-writer...I write cause I think its fun, I think I'm one of the few on this site who dont want to be publihsed..EVER..

Im currently 18 years old. I've been writing stories since 1st grade, properly writing stories since I was 12, making up stories since like forever. Im not a good writer, Im much better at telling stories..

Trusting You in Mayapur- Thanks to McQuinn for the title!!! (Go check out her stuff=P).. Oh, and I just saw that my 25th review is from her aswell=P
Im a member of a Yahoo writers group. Young Writers 101 .
I really, really like that Fictionpress.com has made separate categories for Swedish, Danish and Norwigian. Cos dumping all thos languages together with Finnish and other languages I don't recognise very well is like bunching Spanish, Protugese, French and Italian together and calling them "Latin languages"

Not to mention Finnish isn't even remotedly conected to Swedish. Even though it's walking distance between the contries the languages couldn't be more different. Then don't even belong to the same family.

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