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Walked away, heard them say, "Poison hearts will never change. Walk away again."
'The Leaving Song' - AFI

Life is a waterfall, we drink from the river then we turn around and put up our walls. Swimming through the void we hear the word, we lose ourselves but we find it all.
'Aerials'- System of a Down

She is everything to me, the unrequited dream. A song that no one sings- the unattainable.
'Vermilion Pt. II' - Slipknot

Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window. Go back to sleep...
'Pet' - A Perfect Circle

My god, look at his tattoos and those earrings, he could never get a good job. Go home and beat your kids so they don't turn out as bad as me.
'All My Problems' - Smile Empty Soul

Don't turn away, I pray you've heard the words I've spoken. Dare to believe for one last time, then I'll let the darkness cover me, deny everything. Slowly walk away to breathe again on my own.
'Darkness' - Disturbed

They say freak when you're singled out. The red... it filters through...
'The Red' - Chevelle

Beh... where to begin?

I'm a strange person. That's really all I need to say. But, I won't stop there. My style of writing often reflects me, as with most everyone. (I only occasionally write poetry, mostly fiction otherwise.) I can't say I'm too original to those who don't know me, most would call me a goth or a poser, or something of the likes. I don't care. I hate labels. The fact is, I like wearing black and I don't create unnatural appearances on myself by dying hair, etc. So I look like "Goth Barbie," who cares? My music is also only for me to judge. (Yays for System of a Down and AFI!) Okay, enough ranting about that for now.
My muse is a very strange one... wonderful, but strange... (no offense to musey-kins, feel free to hang around!)
I'm not really prone to rating poetry unless it is returning the rating favor... just to let you know...

You review me, I review you, sound jolly? Methinks so.
And, a personal thank you to all who review. Thanks:
Midnight Predator, weird and proud of it, Hikari5, Ariaenia, Scarlet Azalea, doei, Kurare, Whispred the Black Rose, vampindelibleink, Flying Pigs, fivedollarshake

Raw facts... I guess...
Name: Erica. Or Tiran.
Age: Fourteen (8/21/90)
Gender: Female, of course
Location: US... Midwest... crappy state which I hate... microscopic town...
Faith in Humanity Scale (1-100): 29
My frequent writing styles: As of lately, I have been using different points of view to get better images and perspectives. This happens mostly in 'Carpe Anima' and 'Darkness to Come,' but it may in others as well, though perhaps more subtly. I don't usually use first person, but in a future one I am planning it. I don't do too many realistic stories, but again, a future story I am planning a semi-realistic setting and characters. And I love shapeshifters, angels, fallen angels, demons, vampires, etc. as you can tell. I'm not one for happy endings either, or stereotypical characters- at least I try not with the second. There may be a bit of a pattern with my works, there may not. I guess I may have a slight problem... may... Anti-climactic deaths- you may see some in the future. No more holding on and speaking of love in the last breath. Just pure, silent death. I'm not much for falling action at all. My stories most likely won't end like LOTR: ROTK- not that I don't like the movie, it just could have ended much sooner. Though, I may write an epilogue or two if I feel like it.

Just to get things straight: I don't have a shitty life. I'm not suicidal. I have almost no hatred toward my parents, but then no love either. Yes, they are divorced. No, it doesn't hurt. I was four when it happened, so I just dealt with it like four-year-olds tend to do. No, I am not depressed. Though some writings may seem to prove otherwise, I am actually a quite happy person. I like my two friends, I like my old ass house, I love to hate my small town, I like to complain about my broke mom and insane dad. No exaggeration. I like my druggiebrother and his many girlfriends. I likebeing hated by those poser bitches in seventh grade. I like being hated.I like being my normal esoteric self.I like ranting about how corrupt society is. I like living in a terrible nation where people can be more shocked by two men loving each other than two men killing each other. I like not believing. I like my nightmares. I like my terrible skin. I like my style and attitude. I like not having sexual feelings for anyone, period. I like living my life.

Current Projects:
Darkness to Come: The latest chapter has quite a bit of dialogue, I must say. Hence the name I suppose.
And They All Lived... After: Hoo-hoo, wow. I put up the introduction and the shortest chapter in history... Sure is jolly in my mind now! Wow, I have interesting plans for this little mini-story. Indeed... (Chapters may vary greatly in lengths)
Project: Sayonara: I've got the plot all fixed up once again, so you may see this one in the near future.
Hinos-XZ: I've actually done bits of work on this, and I will say that it will be a science-fiction/fantasy type thing with quite a few interesting characters.

Dead Story/Stories:
Farewell Dawn: I'm really tired of this one. I don't like it at all. I'm considering it dead- I think I can do a lot better than this. Thanks for the reviews though... even if the most I get are on my least favorite. Ha ha, I guess that's just life. I think I will write a happy short story though... do I daresay a... Disney-like story?!

Past Projects/Analyses:
Another Morbid Love: I don't much like this one, but, what can you do? The concept is one that I felt happy with enough to keep. At one time it had a different beginning to lead away from the thought that the other person was dead until the end. So... yeah.
Never Tie Your Boots on Thursday: Yes, that girl is myself if my dad ever does drive off that damn bridge. Yep, the bridge is real too. Hopefully not for long. As I said, it was a thing I had to write for a class and liked how it turned out enough to put it up.
Unrequited: This one is one of my only bits of poetry that I actually like even a bit. I didn't bother making it a rhyming one, freeform is much more fun. And later on in one of the stories you may be able to tell who the person is speaking. Or now. Doesn't really matter.
Rose-Colored Glasses: If you've ever wondered what a normal day in my life is like... here you go. All based on real happenings, believe it or not. Had a lot of fun remembering things that happened to make it into one day, and hey, it's my longest short story yet. Longest single entry even. I may someday do another entry... maybe. Oh, and be glad I started it before the election results came out... that would have been hell. Now I'm off to sing a song about how much I hate the president.
Carpe Anima:(Formerly Caedere) It started out as just a way to vent my anger about my skin... but now... wow. Yeah... you could say she is me physically, despite the hair, age or... first complete story, and my FAVORITE yet! No, this isn't what 'Unrequited' was normally about, but it applies as well. Happy ending-obsessed should not read this one, and it is not really for the weak at heart. Now... I'm going to have to write a jolly story to avoid needing anti-depressants. Please read this one, if you are only going to read one of my works, and don't let the length discourage you!

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