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6/30/10 : So, I'm writing a little something for JulNoWriMo which I'm hoping to post here this coming fall. With starting college and everything, I don't know when I'll have the time to write, so in order to maintain my status as an actual writer, I decided writing a 50,000 worded novel sounded good. At the least it'll be a good conversation starter.

Coming soon to a computer near you.. (AKA stories that are never happening but were good ideas at the time)

Sonata (Working title)

Once upon a time there was a young lady named Belle. She was beautiful and graceful and artistic.. and so NOT me. Belle is married and has a son, and we just happened to be at the same store at the same time. It is self-explainable, then, that she could not be the one to please that stupid spell! And I'm the stupid one for voluteering to take her place.

It took the Count of Monte Cristo eleven years to break out of prison. Time to break the record.

Augustine ain't seen nothin' yet. (Beauty and the Beast rewrite with a Phantom of the Opera flair, only so much better.)

Apple or Spindle

She lives by her sword and the uncanny ability to be forgotten in a moment. As she blends into the surroundings, mysterious attacks and a seductive, deadly stranger follow in her wake. Also being found by a strange group of almost magical people, she has little time to outrun an abnormal disease that attackes her nervous system.

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