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9/10/08 spammage.
not feeling adequate. not feeling much

Update 22 July '07

Poetry is still dead. It did not help that everything on my laptop got wiped out because I had infact written a few pathetic poems (if you can call them that) that I was hoping to post. But alas year 2007 has not been good to me.

A curriculum of madness and blood
A carrack shipping plague and dead broken slaves
to the white market (selling dolls. all brand new toys)
We bring you down, down and further down
Into the open boiling cracks of eternity, where
you will suffer without any agony
You never knew what hit you (it might have been a sledge!)
Shock gasp!
“But s.u.r.e.l.y that’s not true!"
Somewhere somehow you will fall

This is upsetting.

I just want to be good at this, but it's not happening. So I've decided to delete the majority of my poetry, especially those which were god-awful. Perhaps I'll start all over when inspiration and talent are in my favour. (16 out!)

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