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Majoring in Psych and Business at Uni

Likes things a little bit different

"the reason we fall is to learn to pick ourselves up," - BATMAN quote that I live by

goes to the movies a lot, money that seems to just disappear

Loves to read

Dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow for my high school graduation breakfast, a favourite of mine, that johnny depp

Latest movie seen: 500 days of summer, quirky funny movie that I loved, go see it =

Favourite movies of mine are: conair, australia, disney ones especially beauty and the beast, public enemies, all pirates of the carribean movies, all of the underworlds, angels and demons, anything with adam sandler, juno,

Favourite books of mine are anything by paulina simmons, sarah rayne, the blood diamond series by anne bishop (first attempt at fantasy novels made just recently and I discovered i really like them, well this series anyway), maos last dancer, pride and prejudice, the gargoyle, books by dan brown, memoirs of a geisha, to a kill a mockingbird and of course, the notebook for romance.

As you can tell i like a bit of everything =

I will write a story on this one day, however I seem to come up with an idea, write one or two chapters then delete it because I don't like the story anymore. And as the typical uni student doing a double degree I find it hard to find time to read let alone write. Though we shall see. I will apologize in advance to those who do encounter my first story as I have no doubt it will not be pretty. Please review it however, as criticism would help, constructively of course =

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