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Pimpled Boy PM
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Gimlet eyes of mine
Have lost their pearly lustre
Thick lenses in front...

The pair of cute ears
Have lost their own role, alas -
Amps to do the job!

The attractive face
Bedecked with ugly pimples
Has lost its virtue

This is the cruel
Reality that I face
In adolescence!

I don't think I'm good at writing. I joined FictionPress basically to improve my skills in written English and Chinese. I really admire people who write well, and I aspire to be one. It's hard work though.

Two favourite Singaporean writers here are: maybehecate and bluejaywalking. They really write very very well, and I enjoy reading their works. I believe they can grow up to be very promising writers and contribute to the literary arena of Singapore.

Friends of mine claim that my writings are sometimes good, but sometimes bad. With regard to this, I've been trying very hard to maintain my writing 'standard' at its peak, even though recently, it has sort of 'deteriorated' during the November/December school holidays.

Both my parents are from Chinese-speaking background. Hence, my English isn't very good. I don't think I write good English compositions. I always have writer's block each time I write an English composition in class. (I'm trying very hard to improve on my English, though.)

I hope you enjoy your stay here. I publish works that represent myself in FictionPress. I really wish that the number of (both positive and negative) reviews in each of my work will increase. So to end off this long rambling profile, I sincerely hope you'll read and review my works.

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