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• I go by many names. Here you many call me Crystal A.

• I have an uncanny knack for starting stories and never finishing them.

• Editing others works is fun but I don't sugar coat my reviews. If I don't like it, I'll tell you.

• Fictionpress.com is merely one of my lurking grounds. Want to catch me and force a novel down my throat? Email me.

• Yes, I too am writing a pathetic excuse for a story. Sherwood's my latest disaster if you care to read and review.

• Writing random scenes tends to be my forte right now. None of the scenes even match up to a single story unfortunately.

Ok, so this is a really blah profile page for you to read, get over it. If I post something on fictionpress, more likely than not it'll be posted below with other works I've authored. If you don't review substantially I may have to pull my hair out. I hate getting "Good job, love it A+!". Those kind of reviews are pointless as are those advertising your own work. Unless I know you and you're just letting me know of a story you're updating, I sincerely don't care whether or not your greatest novel ever written has five chapters up. I take that back, just don't tell me about your writings in reviews for my work. Chances are I'll forget about it. Again EMAIL ME regarding any questions or requests for me to edit your work. Thank you!

~Crystal A~


Checkmate- I bet everyone's pretty sick of me constantly changing things with this piece, moving pieces around changing every few sentences, but you ask for it. I do take into consideration what reviews say and edit my work accordingly, especially when it comes to grammar. So sorry for any confusion but it's still a work-in-progress yet.

Sherwood- This one I openly admit is a rough draft and is bound to have its flaws. I wrote it on whim and posted it up here because one of my friends said I should get more input on it. I realize it has a lot of work to be done to it. Unfortunately it's the editing part that's going to kill me with this because I'll get bored.

"Beautiful Dreams"- It's funny how many reviews this one ended up with, I didn't even think while writing this. It's been up on this site since I posted my first fiction(which has been taken down). I am not a poet but I think the reviews I get on it are interesting to read.

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