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Why're you reading my profile? O_o Odd person. Anyway, for a quick read, I put the key words/phrases in bold and italics(so you can just read those instead of my long rambling explanations/sentences/examples/whatever the heaven else I decided to add). Please drop me a note telling me if you find my profile hard to navigate or have any suggestions about what else to add.

Interesting Writing Contests, Challenges and Whatnot:

The Ficathon http:///community/of_ficathon/

Fiction Elemination http:///bikifriend/main.html

The One-Shot Showdown http:///whatsername1128/

About My Stories & Poems:

First of all, everything that is posted in this profile should be of high quality and worth a read. I have plenty of other work that did not go on here =P I choose as best as I can.

Coming Soon (soon used kinda loosely)

New Story: A piece under the working title of 'The Spies' Secrets'. It has a bit of supernatural, romance, action and humor in it. Pretty much what you'd get if a tempremental16 year old girlhad supernatural powers and was employed by MI6. It's a fic I do for 'fun' so... well, I'll explain more once I put the story up.

Iris, Chapter 4:75 per centdone. I'm still trying torefinemy characters before I go further. I've promised myself to do an hour of writing a day, so I end up doing as much as I can of Iris whenever I have the free time. I will not post this story until I am absolutely sure it is safe to do so (which may well be after I've finished it). However, I don't want Iris to be long so, hopefully, it won't take that long. I have other projects I want do and I'm just concentrating on Iris at the moment so that's extra incentive!


The Pleasures of Obsession - Anyone who reads a lot should delight in this story. Do read to find out for yourself. Eh, I was told once that it was too short and that maybe I should linger around a bit to create more tension/suspense and whatnot. I like to leave it as it is. A very short story to serve as a warning to ye all, lol!

Desert Night - I joined my school late in the year and they randomly told me I needed to do a descriptive piece over 1,000 words and missed the classes for that. I had no idea what to write, so I used a half-remembered memory... I deliberated long and hard over this one, and did my best to create mood/atmosphere. I think one or two metaphors may be awkward. I've got good reviews for this one, though, and people seemed to enjoy it. Nothing really happens... It may make you feel serene, though. I'd like it if it does that.

Iris - I'm not taking this story too seriously. Clichés and whatnot will probably abound, and things that echo other writers may be in there. I don't do it on purpose, but that's what happens once I write without feeling what I'm writing (what I mean is, a story is always kinda forced in bits. As opposed to poems, which just express something I'm feeling usually. I haven't posted many of my poems, though.) Do enjoy it.


All my poems shouldn't be too long, and are always ambiguous. There is no one 'right' interpretation. See what the poem says to you.

A Warrior's Love - My personal favourite so far. I think it's good... It started out as me contemplating exactly why a person would fight and it's sad to think what they end up fighting for instead.

Creation - Triggered by a contest with the theme revolving around the famous'to see the world in a grain of sand' line. I just thought about what the line meant... and made a poem celeberating the power of imagination.

I am - It was an informal English assignment ( I didn't really have to do it, but the teacher was going as he was only there for a short while). The line 'People see me as...' was the prompt. I got inspired, lol! It's the longest any of my poems have ever got. I prefer to keep them short.

Stirring Inertia - I love to read this one because it was written in a bright moment. I felt strong then and capable of doing anything. I felt like I could get up and move and do something about anything.

Transformation - I'm not sure what I originally felt or tried to say during this one. Being honest is something I wanted to present. I love the metaphors there.

Many thanks to all my reviewers!

About Me:


~MSN Spaces: http:///members/lunatician


~ Reading other people's stories and ideas. I love endless writers and novels. Thegenres I adore are mainly Fantasy, Humor and Romance, I like types that deal with social issues as well such as the Young Adult genre.What's important to me in any story are the characters, I like them excellently developed! My favourites are the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind( ), the Symphony of Ages(featuring Rhapsody) series by Elizabeth Haydon ( ) and other countless writers. JK Rowling's a given.

I also geekily love Bill Bryson's A Short History to Nearly Everything, which I recommend to anyone who is curious but finds science boring in class and whatnot. Also those who are actually interested in science but in a literary sort of form. He makes jokes occasionally and it's really good for your mind. Short doses of it while you've got a spare minute is good for your brain and general knowledge.

~ Art (My friends absolutely hate me in galleries. I love looking atartwork and getting inspired it. People said I'm talented at drawing it, but I don't usually do it voluntarily. is the site I go to to check out art.) I've also opened an account there, which is http:/// )

~ Music (I listen to Arabic, Indian, Japanese, English,Rock, Pop etc. you name it! The only whole genres I detest are R 'n' B, most Rap& maybe Gospel.) My number one love is the band Keane.

~The Internet (Couldn't you guess?) I just love meeting all types of people and seeing everything they work on and do. I love playing around with graphics and HTML, though I haven't been doing much of that lately. My biggest hangouts are specifically the forum ( ), http:///?rfrid=badsweets (http:///main/view_item/user_id/badsweets?rfrid=badsweets is the link to my portfolio there, you can e-mail me through it too by clicking on the link then clicking on the icon that says 'e-mail' etc. when you hover over it and looks like an envelope.)
and this site, ofcourse, where much reading is done. Ex-hangout was .You might like it,it's a nice little community for gamers,but for some undetectable reason, I don't like it these days. Maybe all the history I had there?

~Videogames, specifically, RPGs (couldn't you guess again?)and a fewbeat 'em ups(how can I pass up a chance to release some of that pent up violence against my brother? I'd hit him for real without them, lol). You must try atleast one good Role Playing Game if you love stories. Role Playing Games are very story centered (make sure you choose one with a very good story though!) and are almost like interactive films. It depends on which you choose. Here's a good article outlining much better than I could why RPGs rock and which to choose: http:///main/view_item/item_id/740934


~Becoming an editor or something else in publishing one help me by saying exactly how awesome (humble, aren't I?) my review is.

~Seeing the Northern Lights one day.

One of the Most Helpful Writing Guides I have ever seen (and I've looked at lots):

How to Successfully Complete a Successful Story! http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1731210

(Wrong link previously posted. Please check it again! Thanks.)

READ the authors on my favourite authors list. They are most likely going to have more than one awesome story for you to read. And I'm more selective on it than on my favourite stories (which I admit contains the occassional story I have on a To Read list rather than one I like. The Best Online Stories on my profile is free of this and is genuinely my favourite stories, as much as I can remember,on fictionpress and other online places so far.)

Best Online Stories:

Cat’s Eye http:///poetry/crystalmaiden/CatsEye.html

Princes Are Evil http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1575419

Queen of Glass http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=697932

Hidden Fire http:///main/view_item/item_id/864318?rfrid=badsweets

Jacob’s Pillow http:///main/view_item/item_id/907355?rfrid=badsweets

Girl from Earth http:///main/view_item/item_id/819549?rfrid=badsweets

Cupid’s Arrow http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1110529

Protector http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1439782

False Facades http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1391836

Samantha http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1136303

Discontented http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1488179

Hello Kitty http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1605643

The courting of Aviahnna Rubenne http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=863978

And Then She Met The President’s Son http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=756685

Daughter of the Desert http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=594503

Adversary Extraordinaire http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1426610

Royal Trepidation http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1440305

Castle Cintyras http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1362206

The Lost Jewel of Beldorine http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1453959

In The Eye of the Tiger http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1250443

Against All Odds http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1701561

Danny http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1151130

All Along http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1698821

Life is Beautiful http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1820363

His Eyes http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1862611

Not For Me http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1645480

WereCAT http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1787404

Break http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1475533

Null http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1562951

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