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I'm a cutter, I'm depressed, I had a bad childhood, I'm not religious and my life sucks right now too.

I don't care if none of you like that and I'm pretty sure your remarks won't hurt me in anyway.

I'm sorry if this makes me sound bad or something but I would hate for you guys to be under the impression that I'm a victim, I'm not, I'm a survivor.

Also I don't like to keep secrets from anyone,even if I have just met you.

I'm not a bad person all round, just too honest for my own good. If I had any friends I would ask you to ask them about me.

I have a goth attitude and some woudl think that I am a goth, but thats just the stereotype poeple put on it.

I wrote some stuff up but they ufortunately they got burnt by my 'wonderful' step father.

Don't hesitate to email me to say what a bad person I am or anything, would couldn't say anything that I haven't heard before

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