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Heather F. C PM
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~~Twenty-something university graduate with a major in American culture and literature and a minor in English literature (because they are considered as two separate branches in many countries including mine). Loves reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies and tv-shows. Is currently unemployed and spends time alone at home writing. Loves digital arts. Loves traveling ans seeing new places probably more than life itself. Is obsessed with learning new things, exploring, researching. Is an avid fan of soccer, is terrible at sports. Can spend an entire day with listening to music and watching movies. Is a follower of anything indie, especially in music. Owner of a very vivid imagination, which is something she often chooses over real life. Is the proud owner of an ever-growing personal library. Loves sleeping with more than one pillow. Looks for love in all the wrong places.~~


I'm currently working on "New Thing" again because when I go back and read the story again, I find it, especially the first 10-15 chapters very weak.

I have compiled a soundtrack for "New Thing" with mostly Indie songs. I don't own the songs, they belong to their respective owners, I just love them and love listening to them. If you want it, just PM me.



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