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6Window Shades Kind of symbolic-y I guess...about how if you try to block out the bad things, you end up blocking out good things too...? Sort of. Um. READ AND REVIEW, ARIGATO!
Poetry: Haiku, K, English, words: 16, favs: 1, 4/27/2006
4Judgment Day So, this went from a poem to a song, then back to a poem. I'm not sure why. Basically about fulfilling your duties as a human, or...something. I don't even know my own poetry, these days...
Poetry: General, K, English, Angst & Poetry, words: 127, 12/14/2005
2Thanksgiving Not really about thanksgiving, more about how it's assumed that everyone takes stuff for granted...or something. Read and review, per favore!
Poetry: General, K, English, Angst & Romance, words: 145, 12/9/2005
2Monday Morning I'm not fond of mondays. At all. Read and review!
Poetry: School, K, English, words: 137, 10/3/2005
5The Tree Welcome to Homecoming Weekend! Full of school spirit and nostalgic angst! I wrote this with "From a Balance Beam" by Bright Eyes in my head, so it loosely follows that pattern. Read and review!
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 244, favs: 1, 10/2/2005
3Drunk If I were to jump, would it make me real? Read and review and tell me what this should be called, cause I'm not sure if the name fits.
Poetry: General, K, English, Angst, words: 251, 9/15/2005
4Candy and Lullabies revised version The original poem is still up, tell me if you like the new one better. This is a smush of a song and a poem I wrote freshman year. I like the last lineof the second verse, personally. I like the sound of it...R&R, please!
Poetry: Politics, K, English, words: 128, 8/30/2005
3Daydream It's really hard to wake from daydreams, or any other dreams...but I love them just the same! READ AND REVIEW!
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 33, 8/14/2005
4Falling Tower Read and Review. No time for a summary, sorry.
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 68, 2/2/2005
5Sunrise fad fade ul no wen u c it. I saw the prettiest sunrise the other day. I personally like my structure on this...dunno. made me happy that i COULD have some structure. But who cares what I think, what do YOU think?
Poetry: Nature, K, English, words: 35, favs: 1, 1/20/2005
4Wish Haven't written a haiku in a while...It's strange. The original poem was really long, but I think this one says a lot more. It captures the soul of the poem much better than a big long poem. It's kinda about me, and how I think. R&R.
Poetry: Life, K, English, words: 11, favs: 1, 12/26/2004
6Night Dances Instructions: 1) Read Night Dances 2) Press 'Submit Review' 3) Review
Poetry: Nature, K, English, Poetry, words: 36, 11/29/2004
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