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Today is September 7, 2021:

Hello beloved readers!

If you're looking at this page, you've probably been reading my books for a long time. Thank you. I'd like to continue writing here, but it feels quite dead. Instead, if you're looking to read any of my NEW free offerings, please go to Inkitt and find me as Stephanie Van Orman.

INKITT - https:///StephanieVanOrman

I will finish releasing 'Behind His Mask' and then I'll be finished writing here. The sequel to 'Behind His Mask' is called 'Hidden Library' and it is for sale at a bargain price on Amazon (https:///gp/product/B08P6LKC5B?pf_rd_r=C3GZC0X3ZNZ4360QF7SF&pf_rd_p=6fc81c8c-2a38-41c6-a68a-f78c79e7253f&pd_rd_r=b86022fb-b7ac-4e81-8f2f-bfc7fde2cb1d&pd_rd_w=8QrB0&pd_rd_wg=MiS3Z&ref_=pd_gw_unk)

Thank you all for being such great readers!

Loads of Love,

Sapphirefly (Stephanie Van Orman)







I should have more books coming out for sale in the coming months and years, so please keep up with me and sign up with one of those services to keep up with everything I'm writing. Thanks!



His Sixteenth Face

This is a whole book now and it's on sale at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, KOBO, wherever you buy books. https:///gp/product/B08669LTXV/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

Rose Red


Whenever You Want

All done. Thanks to everyone who reviews.

Mark of a Dragon information:

This is a story that used to be on fanfiction.net under the title 'Dragon's Moon'. It was original fiction when I wrote it the first time. I tried to post it here then, but I only got 2 reviews for the first two chapters. I was like, 'screw this!' So I took it down, changed all the character names to suit the Escaflowne fandom and got closer to 20 reviews for the first chapter. Since then I wrote two sequels. I may post them here in time.

Ghost Mist information:

I have a few unposted chapters of this fic. I think it's a pretty awesome thing, but I don't think I'm good at writing pure fantasy. It's not me. I do much better with a little contemporary buzz.

Poetry information:

I'm not much of a poet - clearly - if you look at my poetry stats. But my poem 'Black Mask' got picked up for a suspense newsletter on once. That was pretty cool. That was probably the closest I ever got to getting published. Ah ... unspoken dreams. Anywhoo - if you take the time to read it - take the time to review it. There are a few strange ones down there.

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