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Gemma Viridian PM
Joined Nov '04

I am a hormone-ridden, acne-ridden repressed nymphomaniac

adolescent, trapped somewhere between my desire for something more in

life and my own self doubts. I am a slightly skeptical sardonic cynic,

prone to to silence, speech, and bitter, biting sarcasm. I'm an

optimist, a pessimist, an activist, a realist, a fabulist, a

supernaturalist, and a naturalist with a few unnatural tendencies. I'm

pathetic but I'm passionate, I'm incomprehensible but I'm articulate. I

love the world but I hate the people in it, my life is good to me but

it still treats me like shit. I'm a walking contradiction with a

chronic addiction to my own idealistic fiction. I'm a free human being

but I'm holding myself captive. I could let myself go, but my thoughts

are too attractive. I can see everthing, and I've searched far and wide.

I could be anything, but I'm too afraid to try.

My dreams are the truth, reality is a lie.

Now stop reading this crap! Go away! Goodbye!

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