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About Me:

Call me Lyra.

I'm a self-described nerd who loves scifi shows, crime dramas, action movies, and epic fantasy. I don't, however, write most of those things. I've tried my hand at scifi (fail), crime drama (epic fail), and epic fantasy (crash and burn) but usually I stick to the supernatural, horror, and general fiction genres. When I write, it's because I want to tell a story; it might not be flawless but I enjoy it and I hope others do too. I'm always looking to improve, though, so constructive criticism is very welcome.

About My Chaptered Stories:

Mountain Dawn - Working Title: (General/Fable/Fantasy/Drama) All Lea wanted was to give her brother a proper burial, but the mountain spirits have another goal in mind: revolution. This will be an expansion of my short story 'Mountain Boy', taking it in a more concrete direction than I did with the short. On hiatus.

Bay: (Horror/Supernatural/Action/Drama/Romance) A shadowed beast stalks the streets at night. The dogs have kept it away before, but when a new threat starts to hunt their protectors, it's only a matter of time before the beast returns... First draft fully posted. Second draft on indefinite delay but still possible at some point.

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