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Hey, all.

I'm not completely new to storywriting. I've been writing stories/poems since fifth grade, and I have several successful stories on FFnet, too, (my name on there is "Dakyu")so I have SOME idea as to what I'm doing . . .

Sort of . . .

I'm saying this so as to not get too many complaints: I suck when it comes to keeping a straight schedule on writing. I have so many things going on that I can't update except on weekends, so I'm apologizing now.

and with that out of the way, here's a little bit about yours truly:

Age: teen

Gender: guy, who actually writes romance . . . yes, strait guys that write romance DO exist . . .
location: chicago suburbs
Favorite fiction types: scifi/fantasy
Like to write: martial arts.superpowers, overall action, emotional stories, etc. Whatever floats your boat. Only thing I'm not good at writing is comedy.
Dislikes: stories that have no plot, or else are ALL one type of dilemma. They just get boring to me.

fanfiction.net penname: Dakyu

um . . . yeah, I'm not that exciting . . .

And as most authors with ask, PLEASE R&R!!!! I need it!

Otherwise . . . enjoy the random humor and other stuff that i have posted here!

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